About Speechcraft

Speechcraft is a short course teaching public speaking skills, which will help to build self-confidence. Our Speechcraft courses are conducted in one of the meeting rooms at Club on East, 7 East Parade Sutherland.


The July - August 2019 course is now closed for enrollments. Please view the proposed Speechcraft Schedule for 2019/2020. If you'd like to ask us about future courses, please email ​speechcraft@miranda-toastmasters.org.au

What it's all about
  • Designed to develop public speaking skills
  • Friendly, positive non-threatening environment
  • Fellow students will be there for similar reasons as you
  • Fellow students will be feeling the same emotions as you
  • Develop at your own pace
  • You will not be "graded"
  • Receive immediate positive and helpful feedback
  • Most assisting Toastmasters have attended Speechcraft themselves
  • Develop your own individual style
  • Gain a huge boost to your self-confidence

 Miranda Toastmasters Speechcraft Courses

  • We have conducted multiple Speechcraft courses consecutively since February 1998.
  • Most assisting Toastmasters have previously been a Speechcraft student.
  • Speechcraft Orientation (1 hour only) is provided to help you prepare for session one.
  • Speechcraft is conducted Wednesday nights for eight consecutive weeks.
  • Sessions start 7.00pm and finish 10.00pm.
  • Maximum 12 students each course, ideal for greatest learning.
  • Equal student participation each session (very important).
  • Receive educational presentations and demonstration speeches for the following weeks project.
  • Six speaking projects during the course, plus one exercise using PowerPoint (or alternatively Research Your Topic).
Primary Subjects

Prepared speeches - researching, preparing, rehearsing and delivering a short speech, first speech 2 to 3 minutes, the rest 3 to 5 minutes

Proposing a Toast - learn how to deliver a Toast that is worthy, with style

Introducing a speaker - learn the correct way to do it

Evaluation - become an effective and helpful evaluator of others

Impromptu speaking - dealing with the unexpected question

Public Speaking etiquette - know how to present yourself, as well as your presentation

Some comments from previous Speechcraft graduates

I can thoroughly recommend the Speechcraft course at Miranda Toastmasters. I did not know what to expect but I was relieved to find my fellow students were in a similar position to me – all with concerns about public speaking.
The Toastmasters and my peers were all very supportive and made the experience very enjoyable. The structure of the course enables you to incorporate your new learned skills into public speaking and also into your daily interactions. It certainly met my requirements and exceeded them. The Toastmasters are all volunteers with a passion to help you improve yourself and I can’t thank them enough. 

Greig A

The Speechcraft course helped me overcome those common public speaking nerves and understand how to channel that energy into providing an enjoyable speaking experience. Leaving the course with a brand new skill set, great friends and a new found outlook on public speaking. This course transformed my confidence in many ways, even those I didn't expect. I would encourage any one, of any speaking competence level to take this course. You won't regret it! 

Katelyn R

I have challenged myself to jump into this part of life - "public speaking" - which I have had a fear of all my life.... even though it has been one hell of a challenge to me, I am so glad I have joined and I now have the confidence to speak at my daughter's wedding.

Angie B

I appreciate all your help and support  over the course. I have learned so much, so quickly, just as you promised at the orientation meeting. I, and my family have benefited so much.

Eric R.

The guidance along the way each week has been enormous and greatly appreciated. It is a wonderful environment to learn and achieve our own personal goals.

Dorothy L.

Week 1 - My first speech was read from prepared notes, hiding behind a lectern. Week 8 – My speech was delivered without notes, without a lectern and delivered with voice projection and animation. What a transition!! Thank you Toastmasters, my journey has just begun!

Andy H.

Need further information or you prefer to talk to someone with a friendly voice about Speechcraft?

Please contact Mike Smith

Mobile: 0411 173 290